Ableton Live Fundamentals

Master The Fundamentals of Ableton Live 9

by Aaron Klingbeil



Ableton Live, Fundamentals is designed for beginners and intermediate Ableton Producers. This course covers core Ableton functionality concepts for electronic music production. The lessons in this course are tailored for aspiring Dubstep producers. The activities and assignments require students apply their new understanding of wobble bass design, beat creation, effects processing and composition.

The progression of chapters and lessons cover the following core Ableton topics:

  • The Browser
  • Live Set (file format)
  • Arrangement view/Session View
  • Tracks
  • Audio and MIDI
  • Audio Clips and Samples
  • MIDI Clips and MIDI Files
  • Devices and the Mixer
  • Presets and Racks
  • Routing
  • Recording New Clips
  • Automation Envelopes
  • Clip Envelopes
  • MIDI and Key Remote
  • Saving and Exporting

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Chapter 1:   Orientation & Setup

Chapter 2:   Navigation & Session View

Chapter 3:   Creating Rhythm - Recording & Editing MIDI

Chapter 4:   Recording Audio & Using Arrangement View

Chapter 5:   Live Mixer & Signal Processing

Chapter 6:   MIDI Effects & MIDI Controllers

Chapter 7:   Automation Envelopes & Warping Audio

Chapter 8:   Mixing Theory, Racks & Exporting Audio

Chapter 9:   Applied Bass Synthesis

Chapter 10:   Melody and Harmony